Welcome to my training/workshops

Firstly I would love it if you could bare with me on this lengthy intro 😁

Why do I offer training and workshops, to put it Frank why not, who says I can't.

From a young age I have always had the ability to be a leader, I became a skater (Rollerblader) from my late teens and I was a pretty damn good one at that, but most of my friends were better than me, I look back now and the reason why was because of me, I pushed and pushed and pushed them to succeed in new tricks every day, and they did.

We jump ahead in time and i’m now a lot older and wiser, i’m married with 4 kids (don’t ask me why) and run my own successful photography business, I now also run a great Facebook photography community (The Fellow Photographers Community) that has helped other local photographers to further there career's.

Since 2018 I have run styled bridal portrait shoots for other photographers to tag along on and have run 3 successful newborn photography workshops, this gave me the bug for helping and guiding others and just like you when you got the buzz for taking pictures I wanted to do more, so September 2019 I ran my first full wedding workshop in partnership with Samyang Lenses UK.

It was awesome I loved every minute of it, and I will be doing more in the future so please stay tuned for dates or get in touch for any information, or questions you may have.

Heck just join the Facebook group.

Ps keep scrolling for images and reviews👌

Behind the scenes, wedding workshop in partnership with Samyang Lenses UK September 11th 2019

Behind the scenes, wedding workshop in partnership with Samyang Lenses UK September 11th 2019

September 11th 2019 wedding workshop

September 11th 2019 wedding workshop

Craig has helped me so much over the last 2 years, I was dabbling in all thing’s photography trying to find my way and what I wanted to specialise in. I got invited to his Facebook group (The Fellow Photographers Community) and from this point my photography skills exploded! At the time I had only ever shot 1 Wedding and this was actually helping my sister as she was also a Wedding photographer. I watched what people were posting in the group used to go out and practice on my own and getting used to my camera. Then Craig asked me to tag along and help him at a Wedding. All I did was help Craig setup and took a couple of shots when I got a spare couple of minutes but I learned so much!! Just watching the way, he worked and the way he spoke to his customers was truly inspiring. Shortly after this I started to promote Wedding photography for myself and this was the start of my business. I am now going into my second year as a Wedding Photographer with plans in motion to leave my full-time job to go fulltime in the Wedding industry. I have now shot with Craig at Weddings on multiple occasions and every single time I learn something new. This is why I got booked onto one of his Wedding Workshops on 11.09.19 at Sandon Hall. WOW what a Workshop it was although a lot of techniques used, I already knew from working with Craig he still had my attention throughout because of his teaching techniques and passion about photography. His attention to detail was also outstanding. From venue and model choice to the actual running of the day and his agenda. Not to mention all of the discounts he had for the photographers there and the amazing goodie bag he had made for us all…… Oh and the Dominos he ordered for lunch!! If it wasn’t for me joining the Facebook group 2 years ago, I actually think I would have given up photography. It is solely down to Craig the reason I have an amazing business on the horizon and great friendships with local photographers. Should he have anymore workshops in the future I will attend every single one and I would advise any Wedding photographer to do so. Thank you, Craig you are a massive inspiration!!

Adam, Poole’s Of Fun Photography

I've been shooting weddings for 3 years now but felt like I needed to add a little more to it. Going on Craig's workshop gave me help and ideas on how to shoot a little more creative with light and how to pose my couples better. Craig is straight to the point. And that's what I like about him. He will go the extra mile to help you. So easy to get on with, down to earth. Since meeting Craig my photography work has come a long way and my confidence has grown rapidly. Going on his workshops have helped me to get better and better at what I love. He's become a very good friend. Thankyou Craig

Charlene, Charlene Davies Photography

My 1st Wedding Workshop and i was nervous at 1st but Craig calmed the nerves very quickly. It was a great day and i learned a lot from Craigs teaching skills and great friendly advice. Im already asking when the next one is because i enjoyed it that much. Massive thanks to New Road Photography once again 🤗🤗

Edward, Behindedslens Photography

I attended one of Craig's Beginner Newborn Workshops last year early in my journey into newborn photography. A warm welcome awaited the three of us that day, progressing through basic safety for your tiny client & their parents.Craig's delivery of all the vital information you need is calm & clear. Practical demonstration, the chance to ask the daftest of questions & have the hands on practice for your shots. His advice at each stage is clear & constructive.Help with editing software & advice about quality products too. An enjoyable day which gave me a good grounding & the confidence to develop further.

Karen, New Born and Toddler Photography

Images showing the poses taught on my newborn beginners class & extra posing class

Images showing the poses taught on my newborn beginners class & extra posing class

I had the privilege of joining a small group of like minded people at Craig's wedding workshop last week. He put huge effort in arranging his workshop at such a stunning venue with models and equipment. Craig demonstrated several setups, explaining the best use/control of available light & areas, giving each person plenty of time to attempt there version of each setup. Advice was also given on best use of poses & opportunities to try poses of our own. We used natural light, led light & off camera flash, mainly indoors with one shot outdoors at the end, with all settings explained for each setup. He calmly guided everyone throughout the day, answering all questions & offering guidance when needed. After a great day I came away ready to put it all in to practice, that’s if I can remember it all in the heat of the moment.

Karen, Andy Boyle Wedding Photography

I loved craig’s open and honest approach. He really does give so much back to fellow photographers, very patient, provided Dominoes and brilliant goodie bags that were worth going alone for. Thanks Craig

Nick, Nick Mizen Photography

The newborn workshop I attended was fantastic with Craig and made a huge difference to my business and the way I work. He was so welcoming and happy to help with all the questions and issues I was struggling with when wrapping a newborn and safety etc. A professional yet very friendly experience! 5 stars!

Holly, Holly Polly Photography

Wedding workshop with Samyang September 11th 2019 image courtesy of Dave Hardy @samyang

Wedding workshop with Samyang September 11th 2019 image courtesy of Dave Hardy @samyang

Craig's Newborn Workshop was the best springboard I could have hoped for, it started me off in the right direction in newborn photography. Would definitely recommend!

Andrew, The Photography Game

I attended one of Craig’s newborn workshops, and I can not recommend him enough! Not only did Craig teach me about safety, simple posing, and editing he also gave us some insight to the business side. It opened my eyes a lot to where I was and where I wanted to be with my images, pricing and who I wanted as my clients. This workshop was a very big input to my business, it helped me grow in so many aspects. Craig doesn’t just do a workshop and send you on your way, he becomes a friend and isn’t far away if you forget or need a little push after the workshop too! I recommend it to anyone starting out in the newborn photography industry.

Jayde, Ti Amo Photography

After attending my first newborn workshop with Craig and finally getting somewhere with my photography business, I was ecstatic when he mentioned a wedding workshop! Of course I knew I had to go. It was a fun filled day with an incredible group of like minded photographers, between the laughs and talk Craig took a lot of care to make sure each of us understood not only what he was doing but how he was doing it and the importance of the equipment he was using! I had only photographed one wedding before the workshop and I walked out feeling like I could conquer my next wedding and deliver some great images! I definitely recommend Craig’s workshops to everyone near and far! I traveled from Lincoln to two of Craig’s workshops and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next!

Jayde, Ti Amo Photography